First Manufacturer of CNC woodworking machining centers (Point-Point) in Canada & the sole dealer of the quality woodworking line of EGURKO !!!
About Us


Pars Robotics Group Inc. has been in business since 1983 under the name of Pars Machinery Group Inc. Since Pars Machinery was involved with advanced technology for its time, we have decided to rename the company to “Pars Robotics Group Inc” in the year 2000. It is proudly family owned and operated. From 1983 to 1997 our company was involved with engineering and design manufacturing of pick and place systems, automations, and custom-made machines. We had a focus in the woodworking industry at the time due to the market.

However using similar technology we have developed custom-made machines for different industries to reduce mass labour work, which included woodworking, cardboard, food, automotive, and stone cutting industries. Eventually, we had developed our own software using a Windows platform which lead to our greatest achievement. The revolution arrived in the year 1997 when Pars Robotics designed and manufactured the first computer numeric controlled (CNC) system (a point-to-point machine) in North America. It was made in Canada, allowing it to be the 4th country in the world to manufacture this type of machine. Capable of multitasking operations and providing new standards of safety.

The new system became the standard of many industries. Since the year 2000, robotics were involved in manufacturing with CNC die-cut machines for cardboard and wood, printing machines for cardboard and wood, corrugated machines, die-press machines, and other special custom-made machines. Pars Robotics was involved with all of these and exported different kinds of CNC machines from Canada, to different parts of the world. A few countries they exported to are USA, Spain, Mexico, India, Cambodia, Russia, Nigeria, Iran, and more. 

Pars Robotics continues to grow and is currently working on an expansion plan as well as a new line of small electronics and components for hobbyists in the robotics field to help promote the CNC industry.

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